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the primrose

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the primrose 

(1995-2005 as a band, 2006-solo project)


In 1995, I assembled a band called 'the primrose' as a singer and a guitarist- releasing 5 original albums and 6 compilation CDs (God's Pop record /Jupiter G record).  In 2006 the primrose re-started as my solo project (Keiji Matsui) with my friends who are Taro Nagata (gtr), Maki999 (dr), Junpei Kamiya (dr) and Ayumi Hashimoto(Cello) mainly. I released an guitar ambient album “Gradation of the time” from my label “echo and cloud” . Now I am recording a collaboration album with a Picture Book Writer Kan Fukuda as Keiji Matsui. It is coming soon. And also making my original album as the primrose. I hope to release it in 2013. 

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