echo and cloud studio





 2007年、元建築事務所だった場所をレコーディングスタジオにリデザイン。ドーム型の天井高は7メートル。ピアノ、ストリングス、ギターなどアコースティック楽器には贅沢な響きを持たらせます。メインブースAでは、木製の壁、床に2トンの硅砂が入っており、ドラムなどの音もどっしりと引き締まった音で収録できます。メインルーム(7x7m)、ブースA(2.7x3.2m)、ボーカルブースB(2X1m)、サブルームC(2.7x3.2m)、アンプブースX2を使用しての多構成のプロジェクトでの同時録音も可能です。Jhon BROAD WOOD and sons LONDONのアップライトピアノ、Rhodes Seven Three Suits case、1964 Premier などのドラムキットや、テープエコーなど、ヴィンテージ楽器もどうぞ。


Recording studio kugatama suginami TOKYO Sta.Mitakadai on Keio Inokashira Line

Echo and Cloud was conceived by Keiji matsuiMatsui. The architecture was designed by Zensuke nishino Nishino. He used to use it as his atelier. After he moved, Keiji re-designed the space as a music studio. The sound proof room was built by himself over a 9 month period. The main room is over 7m in height, so there is a comfortable ambience, and you are able to see the clouds through the rooftop window  Please be free to feel time, the sun, the clouds, trees and birds. Echo and Cloud offers a unique and refreshing environment that allows an immense freedom for you to create, perform, record and mix your music.


(エンジニア料金込み including Engineer fee )

A: ¥18.000/3h ( overtime; ¥5.000/1h  ) +tax

B: ¥40.000/8h ( overtime; ¥5.000/1h  ) +tax

Price for independent solo artist 




C:¥15,000/3h    ( overtime; ¥4.000/1h  ) +tax

D: ¥35,000/8h    ( overtime; ¥4.000/1h  ) +tax



営業時間 (小音量楽器や編集、ミックスは8時以降も可) 


168-0082 東京都杉並区久我山 4-24-18 SONNETTE 201




Keyboards ; John BROADWOOD and sons LONDON upright piano , Fender Rhodes Seventy Three (Suitcase), Roland Juno 106, Yamaha DX-7II, Electric Organ Acetone Top-1, Kawai Reed Organ


Drum Kit ; Premier ’60  18"X14"BD 12'X 7 3/4" TT 14"X14" FT Hihat ; paiste 13”/36   Snare ; Yamaha steel LZ3625, Cymbal istanbul professional EFES....


Rhythm BOX ; Ace tone RhythmAce, Korg Rhythm 55B


Guitar Synthesizer ; GR-500 +Controller


Guitar amp; ALEMBIC F2B + CREST CPX900 + Marshall JCM900 <Stereo>, Vox P15 SMR


Bass amp ; Ashdown Electric Blue 130 


Tape delay; Roland Space echo RE-201, Hawks HE2250, Evance Es-5


Guitar: Fender Telecaster Custum "79, Guild Starfire V '65, Guild F-212 (12 string Accoustic), Burns Jazz split'64


Bass: MUSICMAN StingRay "79, Guild B301-F(fretless)





Studio Equipment


Computer;  Apple Mac pro  2 x 2.93 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon  17GB 

DAW; ProTools12. Apple logic pro X, Studio one 2.5

I/O;   RME UFX, RME Fireface800. 


Console; ALLEN&HEATH GS-3000 32ch, 

Soundcraft digital328 16ch


Mic preamp ; 

Ampex 602 (tube}x2


Compresser ; 

Tube Tech CL1B, 

dbx 162 

dbx 163X x2


Tape echo ; 

Roland RE-201, HAWK HE-2250(stereo), Evans Super Echo ES-5



Condenser/ Neumann U-87, SONYC-38B,AKG 460-BX2 AKG C1000S.AudioTechnica AT2020x2, 2021x2,Oktava MK-012 x2, 

Tube/ Audio Technica AT4060

Dynamic/ Sennheiser MD421 White x2, AKG D12,  Shure SM57 x5

Ribbon/ Alpha mode stella RM77DX  x2